Neck Handkerchiefs

Practical and Fashionable!

There is a new fashion trend spreading across North America - and you can blame global warming.

Neck handkerchiefs.

It is very simple.

Neck handkerchiefs keep the sun off your neck, preventing a sunburn. Thanks to global warming, and higher number of days per year with record heat, your chances of a sunburn has gone up dramatically in the last couple of years. So to prevent that you need to either wear turtlenecks (which is impractical in the heat) or you can wear neck handkerchiefs and join the fashion savvy men and women who are already doing so.

Another thing to do, if you are super hot, is to dip the handkerchief in cold water, wring it out and then wrap it around your neck. Keeps your neck nice and cool.

Or do what I do, take 3 ice cubes, wrap them up in the handkerchief and then place so the ice cubes are at the back of your neck and as they melt they drip down your back, making a great cooling sensation. It is amazing! Works well at the beach too.

And the beauty is that this fashion trend works for both men and women, so we can both enjoy the benefits of no sunburns and a quick way to cool down.

You are basically just treating it like a really small scarf that can be dipped in cold water whenever you want. Smart and cool. Literally cool.

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