Proper Tattoo Etiquette and Fashion Tattoos

Yes, There Is Proper Etiquette for Getting Tattooed

While it may seem somewhat surprising, there is a proper etiquette that your tattoo artist expects you to abide by while you are getting inked. Gone are the days when a tattoo parlor was home to only the gruffest and toughest, and most tattooists today are artists in every sense of the word. In order to ensure that you and your artist both have the best tattooing experience possible, it is necessary for you to understand what is expected of you before you ever enter a tattoo parlor. Since the work that you will have done is permanent, it is absolutely vital that you are well-versed in the etiquette of the tattoo world.

Be Explicit With Your Request, Not Demanding

When you walk into a tattoo parlor, it is best to have a very clear idea of what you want for your tattoo. If you have a specific image in mind, try to bring in a high-resolution version of that image. If you have a general concept in mind, it is helpful to bring in some references that the artist can use in creating your tattoo. If you want to end up with the best-looking tattoo, allow the artist to give you some input on the final design. This is important because there are many occurrences in which an image that looks good on paper will not look good on your skin. Your artist is much more familiar with the medium than you are, so listen to their advice.

It is also important to avoid being demanding. Think of your tattoo more like a collaboration between you and the artist, as this will make you both feel better about the concept of the tattoo and about the end result.

Make an Appointment in Advance

Even when walk-ins are accepted at a tattoo parlor, you are much better off scheduling your appointment in advance. This will allow you to check out the tattoo parlor and meet the artist before you ever get tattooed. It will also give the artist plenty of time to work on creating your tattoo, making it much more likely that you receive a high-quality tattoo. It will also ensure that the artist will not be rushing to “squeeze you in,” or that you end up working with an artist whose skill set does not line up with the type of tattoo that you want.

Keep Your Breath Fresh

When you actually go through the process of getting tattooed, you are going to be in very close quarters with the artist. It is therefore important to ensure that your breath smells fresh and that you will not be offending your artist for the duration of the tattoo. While the majority of artists are professionals and will not mention it, they will be offended by it nonetheless. Carry some fresh breath spray with you, and use it before you enter the parlor.

Make It a Goal to “Sit Well”

One of the biggest compliments that you can receive from a tattoo artist relates to “sitting well.” This means that you did not complain or fidget throughout the tattoo, which makes the job of the artist much easier. You should know that there will be some discomfort, and you should make it a goal to make the job of the artist as easy as possible. When your tattoo is complete, thank your artist and make sure that you tip them well for their efforts in providing you with a permanent piece of artwork.

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