Beauty Pageant Dresses - How to dress to win

Three tips for a winning pageant look

Whether this is a first pageant, or if you are seasoned in the circuit, there are some strategies that might give you an edge over the competition. Take time to consider three valuable tips when preparing to compete against other women for these much-coveted titles, and take some advice from retailers and businesses that have been dressing women of all ages for beauty pageant competitions.

Three tips to consider include the following:

- Be distinct yet not too unique. A dress that is timelessly styled, though perhaps with some unconventional detailing is a better idea than a gown that pushes the boundaries of what is expected and anticipated at a pageant.

- Black is always an elegant choice. It is rare that women choose black in pageants typically, and there are some sensational styles that really spell out elegance and sophistication. Take a special look at some of the beautiful Alyce pageant dresses found online, for example.

- Just because it costs more doesn't mean it will be more beautiful. Sometimes the cost has little to do with the overall impact and impression that the dress makes on the stage. Look to the experts and those who have experience dressing women for pageants to determine the styles and shapes that will create the most alluring silhouette on the runway. These individuals know what the judges are looking for, and they will share their opinions when asked. Appreciate their input and try to not let your own personal tastes take too much of a stake in the apparel that might be the most practical for these competitions. While a bit of personal flair is definitely a good thing, there are some tried-and-true standards and some features that are revered and that really come to life on the pageant stage.

When investing time and money into these competitions, it pays to take some feedback from any professionals or former contestants who have a sense of what is and is not best-suited to competitive pageants. There are some amazing retail venues found online with a wide range of gowns and apparel that are perfect for an upcoming pageant. They will also be able to help incorporate these three tips into one winning look just for the contestant herself.

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