8 Winter Fashion Tips for Men

Honestly, most men know almost nothing about fashion and how to make themselves look good. It is like their mother's maybe tried to teach them, but teenage rebellion led them to become a skaterboy with a very different view of fashion than their parents.

Thus whether you are shopping for yourself, or you are a female shopping for the man in your life here are some winter fashion tips geared just for men.

Tip #1. Think Tight.

Tighter clothes are warmer than loose fitting clothes. Buying a big jacket may look warmer if you have a "bigger is better" mentality, but tighter clothing traps heat in better. Tighter clothing also makes you look more attractive, so it is a win-win.

If you can find a jacket with a hood, that is good too. Or just wear a hoodie under your jacket.

#2. Black or Brown Leather Winter Gloves.

Leather gloves made for winter are durable, warm and stylish. That is the trifecta right there if you are into horseracing metaphors.

#3. Knitted Hat or Toque.

Go knitted and thick. Honestly it doesn't have to be a huge hat with earflaps to keep your head warm, but you will want something that covers your ears.

The grey knitted hat below is a great example of what to look for. It covers the forehead and ears, looks great and it is very warm.

#4. Think Dark - Black, Brown, Charcoal or Grey.

Darker clothing traps in heat better. The blacker and darker the better. Ask a physicist to explain why, but basically black clothing doesn't reflect light, and it then stores light as heat energy inside the clothing. This means you are warmer because you are wearing clothing that isn't reflecting light/heat rays away from you.

#5. Winter Boots = Fur Lined.

The anti-fur people are going to hate me right now, but yes real fur is warmer than synthetic fur. Much warmer. So much warmer it doesn't even bear comparison. Thus if you can find winter boots that have fur lining, they fit you, they are comfortable and they look great that is something you should definitely purchase.

Below are examples of the same boots in tan brown and black.

#6. Neck Warmer or Scarf.

Whether you prefer scarves or neck warmers, there are plenty of different styles and materials to choose from. Knitted, fur, infinity scarves, etc.

If you don't get a scarf or neck warmer and you are outside on a cold windy day you will really notice the difference and be regretting not having one.

That or just stay inside all winter. Your choice.

Whatever you do just don't buy the neck warmer / ski mask that is designed to look like a giant beard. That is just wrong. Wrong. Bad boy. Stop wearing that ugly thing!

#7. Long Johns.

Last but not least, keep your legs warm by getting several pairs of long johns. They keep everything below the waist a lot warmer than your jeans ever will. Plus they are surprisingly sexy, although I admit it helps if you have the right body for it.

#8. Accessorize!

Honestly, this is the part where I encourage men to get creative. Basically think of an activity to do, take whatever accessories you need to do that activity and then go do it.

Ice skates over your shoulder as you head to the ice rink.

Take the dog for a walk outside. (Please don't make the dog wear anything impractical. If it is to keep the dog warm, fine, but if it is just for looks you are just torturing your dog and should be imprisoned.)

Fur cloak (although where you would buy this, I am not sure). Ponchos work equally well in my opinion since they are so warm and fashionable. What activities can you do while wearing a poncho? Skiing, ice skating, walking the dog, strolling by the icy/windy beach.

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