Old Fashioned Winter Cloaks and Capes

Okay so I found the cape on the right on Etsy, but what I was originally looking for was old fashioned cloaks.

The great thing about old fashioned style cloaks is just how amazingly warm they keep the wearer. Even though they are open at the front and the bottom, the cloak hoards heat and traps it inside making it amazingly warm - and there is still plenty of ventilation so you never feel like you are overheating.

But finding stores that sell such cloaks are a bit hard to find. I am looking for a full length cloak, that goes down past your knees (true full length cloaks drag on the ground a bit, which means they have to be cleaned regularly).

Sort of like the ones you see in the TV show "Game of Thrones" and worn by Sansa Stark, Rob Stark, Jon Snow, Eddard Stark, etc. Below is a photo of Sansa Stark's cloak with a hood.

One of the things I like about Sansa is that she is always amazingly well dressed. Even when her world feels like it is falling apart around her, she is always surprisingly well dressed (and well mannered even when being slapped by Joffrey's henchmen). But you can see the fire of rebellion in her eyes.

Below is an example of the dress Sansa wears to her aunt's funeral:

Anyway, back to cloaks.

The only websites I can find cloaks on apparently are medieval times websites that sell "costumes" and Etsy. Below are examples of cloaks I found on Etsy and similar websites.

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