Roses as a Fashion Accessory

Roses and Fashion

Roses have always been a fashion accessory. Whether they are in the form of embroidery, lace or printed on fabric, roses are a mainstay in the fashion world. From colour to shape to pattern, roses make great addition to anyone fashion repertoire. Below we will look at the great ways we can work roses into our fashion sense and also what not to do if we want to use roses in the best way.

When Roses Go Wrong

We all remember that unfortunate day when Kim Kardashian decided to wear her grandmother's couch upholstery to the biggest night in celebrity fashion, the Met's costume ball gala. Exactly what she was thinking is beyond even the most knowledgeable fashion minds. We all know it was horrible, but what exactly made it so bad. Well it was not the roses themselves. Roses can make a wonderful print when used properly. Perhaps it was the size of the roses that was the problem. The roses that were printed on the fabric were so large that they seem out of place on a human being. They seem more appropriate on furniture or as a curtain. Here is a tip when using roses as a pattern, don't make them too big.

Also good for the workplace, or even as a business casual accessory.

Pick A Colour, Any Colour

Roses come in so many colours and fortunately every colour makes a great fashion choice. You can always go for the standard red of a Claret rose which always makes a statement. Or you can go with the pale pink of a A Whiter Shade of Pale (yes, that is the name of the rose). For the summer time, you may want to think about wearing the bright yellow of an Absolutely Fabulous. Or you can go with your basic black. That's right roses come in black. The famous Halfeti rose from Turkey is the only rose that is black that you can find in nature. But there is also the flat roof rose which you can find at any flat roofing company. Now it is not what you thinking, roses don't grow on flat roofs, but if you go and ask your local flat roof company you may be able to get them to dunk a rose into their leftover ToughRoof flat roof tar (see How to Make Black Roses using Roofing Tar) which also talks about making preserved waterproof roses using Royal Basement Waterproofing liquid) and try making a black rose for yourself.

See the following pages if you like the idea of making your own preserved roses using bizarre materials:

Consider Crafty Roses for Valentine's Day

Reasonably Pretty Preserved Roses for Valentine's Day

Honestly I think I would just use an art fixative myself, but it is interesting to see the DIY stuff people post on the internet.

But How Do I Wear A Rose

In anyway you like. Literally, you can do whatever you want. You can wear an actual rose. You can accessorize in the most common way, i.e. place a beautiful red rose in your hair if you are a lady or in your suit label if you are a man. Or as a corsage like you would at a wedding or prom.

Or you can wear roses as a print, but beware of the advice I gave above. You can wear the colour of your favourite rose if you are looking for inspiration. Or you can wear a rose in the form of embroidery or as lace.

Really, there are so many choices out there all you have to do is decide.

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