Welcome to fashionsalon.ca, our new domain name!

So we finally decided to take the leap and register this blog as fashionsalon.ca - which means several things.

#1. Please feel free to promote / share things you see on our website. Free advertising is awesome! Feel free to use the banner shown on the right or make up your own banner to help advertise fashionsalon.ca.

#2. We will be posting new fashion articles more often! See #4...

#3. We are looking for new fashion bloggers to join us! Email our website designer charlesmoffat@charlesmoffat.com to be added to the list of Fashion Salon writers. Charles will add you to the list and you will receive an acceptance email from Blogger for you to sign up via.

#4. We will be ramping up the content on our website (redesigning it a bit too) in an effort to make Fashion Salon more popular than ever before. The goal here is to turn Fashion Salon into a popular website for people to post fashion news, commentary and historical info.

#5. We will be dedicating more time to also promoting Fashion Salon via advertising, but every bit helps so feel free to give us a boost via Twitter, Facebook, your personal website, etc. We appreciate the help!

#6. You may have noticed the .ca in the domain name. This means we will also be posting more Canadian fashion content in the future. We will continue to post American, British and International fashion articles - but there will be a stronger Canadian presence.

Thank you for supporting Fashion Salon and making it so popular!

Just how popular is Fashion Salon? Well we recently surpassed 775,000 hits - and as we approach the big 1,000,000 we felt we should finally have a domain name dedicated to this website.

Thank you for everyone's support!

Suzanne MacNevin
Montreal, Canada

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