3D Printers - Printing clothing, eyewear, jewelry and shoes???

3D Printers Democratize High Fashion for the Casual Consumer

The accessible world of 3D printing has allowed designers to create businesses around printable goods, using online stores like Zazzy and Etsy as virtual storefronts for their wares. It also brings down the price points of high fashion pieces, giving designers the tools to make anything they want, in any quantity. For those who are still skeptical, take a look at the legendary artists and brands that are putting out 3D-printed work. For example, pioneering designers like Janne Kyttanen and the Freshfiber team have worked with 3D Systems to create custom jewelry and platform shoes without gouging customers. Meanwhile, the United Nude fashion house has produced 3D-printed work like the “Float” and “Coral” shoes, which can be printed at home for $35. Perhaps Kanye West will even be getting into the 3D printing market soon. Below, we’ve shared a few more of the latest trends that keep prices low for printed fashion.

Print to fit infographic
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