People who wear Black look Sexier, More Confident and More Intelligent

UK retailer recently conducted a survey to determine what customers thought about different colours.

What they determined was that BLACK was by far the best colour when it comes to customer feedback on the topics of Sexiness, Confidence, and Intelligence. See the charts below to see the results.

Black and Blue make the person appear to be more intelligent.

Black is considered to be the most attractive, regardless of gender.

Black and Red inspires the most confidence.

Also their survey determined that RED was considered to be the most arrogant colour.

Red by far is considered to be the most arrogant colour to wear. Orange apparently is considered arrogant by association.

Taken together with the fact that black has a slimming effect and is the go to clothing colour for artists showing their work at art galleries, what you realize is that black is ultimately one of the best colours to be wearing. Sexy, confident, intelligent, slimming, artistic, and only a tiny dash of arrogance.

What is also interesting is how orange is basically the worst colour to wear. Orange is 2nd last, next to pink, in intelligence. Orange is only slightly better than brown for attractiveness. Orange is dead last for confidence, while simultaneously came in 2nd for arrogance. That is a bit weird that orange is considered to be the least confident, but very arrogant at the same time. Bizarre.

So word to the wise - buy more black clothing in the future! Like the awesome black cape below:

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