Raccoon Fur Collar in China

Okay so I found this photo randomly.

And I was like wow. Raccoon fur. That is a bit like wearing rat fur or squirrel fur. Or any other kind of rodent.

So apparently wearing rodent fur is a thing in Asia. I admit, it looks good, but I think it is rather strange to be wearing rodent fur.

Meanwhile in Canada we are obsessed with removing raccoons humanely and setting them free in the wild.

Especially when you consider how adorable and cute raccoons are. Definitely not something to be wearing.

Super Long Legs - Anastasia Strashevskaya

On the right is a photo of a Russian fashion model named Anastasia Strashevskaya.

Anastasia Strashevskaya reportedly has some of the longest legs on a female model in the world. 42 inches.

Proportionally speaking. She is 5'10" tall (70 inches) but her legs are 42 inches of her 70 inches height. That means 60% of height is in her legs.

There are other fashion models around the world with really long legs - including one from Houston Texas who stands 6'5" tall (77 inches) and was once told she was "too tall to be a model". Her legs measure 51 inches.

So the model from Texas is taller and has longer legs, and has proportionally longer legs too. 66.2%.

But whatever. This isn't a contest to see who the biggest freak of nature is. (Or is it?)

Anastasia Strashevskaya does have some pretty long legs and they do seem to be helping her modelling career.

The model from Texas, not so much.

There are similar models from Britain, France, Brazil and other countries with legs ranging from 42 to 49 inches long, all with varying heights and different proportions. Clearly some of these models were drinking lots of milk as they were growing.

More calcium = longer, thicker bones. Huzzah. Milk is also a great source of protein. Learn more about Why Calcium Rocks!

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