Government of Canada selling used thongs

The government of Canada is desperate to get rid of its budget deficit and its selling everything including the kitchen sink in an effort to balance the books.

Thus any Crown assets, including seized or forfeited property, is being sold off... including used thong underwear. Its all about prettying up the bottom line.

Seized property includes items gained through police seizure, tax evasion seizure, and so forth.

In 2010 the Canadian government sold a mere $14 million in Crown assets.

The Public Works and Services Canada’s auction website is currently displaying a range of sexy thongs that come in pink, magenta, violet, blue, silvery black, white and nude. The lingerie items are advertised "as is" and "like new".

And they're apparently selling like ice cream cones on a hot day. ie. One box of 10 panties sold for $50. Another box containing 14 bras sold for $171.99.

Some of the thongs still have the original tags on them and some have never been worn. The thongs were seized from stolen from an Ottawa lingerie boutique, recovered by the Ottawa Police, but never returned to the shop because they had already been covered by the store’s insurance company

Thus the police handed the thongs over to the federal public works department.

The sale of stolen/seized property results in a small commission for Public Works, and another % is re-invested in educational programs targeted towards reducing crime. The rest goes towards trying to balance Canada's budget.

Buyers are anonymous and protected by privacy laws.

Unlike eBay and similar auction sites bids aren't posted until after the sale is made. Its a silent auction and there are plenty of deals to be had.

Unfortunately shipping is not included. You have to pick up, pack and ship the items within 5 days of getting the winning bid.

The Conservative Party is also thinking of selling the CN Tower in Toronto, but only if the Conservatives can get re-elected. No word on whether that will also be a silent auction.

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