Pink Tartan's fashion groove

Pink Tartan is a groovy spin on classic glamour. Their spring-summer 2011 collection was unveiled back in October 2010 at Toronto's LG Fashion Week and combined retro sophistication with a touch of the 1970s.

Designer Kimberley Newport-Mimran used black glam and lush, fluid dresses, Caftan-style, one-shoulder, stripes, gold buckles, lots of pockets, halter-styles and plunging necklines.

But really... how many pink strapless jumpsuits can you wear in a week? Can you really wear bell bottoms all the time?

And if your answer is YES, YES I CAN, then you are probably the type of person who would redo your whole wardrobe to make sure it matches.

You go out and buy new shoes, new socks, new hat, new handbag and so on...

And then you realize your furniture doesn't match your new wardrobe.

So you go buy a new couch, new bed, new chairs, new decorations.

And before you know it your home doesn't match the neigbourhood. You need to find a nice stylish neighbourhood, like Weaver's Mill in Georgetown near Brampton. You buy a new townhouse, but then you realize your car doesn't match...

So you go buy a new car, something shiny that matches your iPhone and has lots of gadgets like satellite navigation.

And you drop your dog off at the pound and buy a new one which is hypoallergenic.

And by now all your friends have left you before you've become a snob, but don't worry you'll make new friends who are equally snobby.

And then next year the fashion styles of what is "new and kewl" changes again and you have to go through the whole process all over again.

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