Cellphone Little Black Dress

Back in 2010 there was a new cellphone on the market and it was coming to clothing retailers near you... or rather its a dress that just happens to have a cellphone built in.

Except it didn't really catch on. So much for that idea...

Oh well.

The "M-Dress" is a slinky black frock which comes with a cellphone sneakily hidden into the fabric, as part of the sleeve so that when you lift your arm to your ear you pick up the call and can talk to whomever is calling you. Unfortunately its only been designed to have one programmable number for calling out, but they're hoping to add more programmable settings so it can be voice-activated. A SIM-card is embedded within the dress and the antenna is in the dress hem.

Wearing a 'superspy' dress like this means you don't have to go hunting in your purse whenever your phone rings... and better yet you don't look like one of those crazy homeless-looking people with bluetooth crap who talk to themselves.

The dress isn't meant to be worn everyday, but it is ideal for events when you don't want to be carrying around extra items. Its also smart enough to tell the difference between when you're scratching your ear or trying to phone someone.

Made by CuteCircuit, founded by fashion designer Francesca Rosella and anthropologist Ryan Genz, the dress is available at Selfridges starting in October. The company also makes tops with lights that flash/change colour as you move, a Hug Shirt which vibrates when someone texts the word HUG to your cellphone and a LED gown like the one Katy Perry wore to the Met Ball in New York.

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