Spring Cycling Fashion in Toronto

Guest Post by C.M.

Bicycles are the latest fashion accessory to go mainstream... the weird thing its not normally what people think of when they think "fashion accessory"... although obviously Paris Hilton seems to think chihuahuas make good fashion accessories.

So ignore the bracelets, the faux scarves, the Fendi bags... watch out when you walk into Club Monaco or any other high end fashion store for women and the biggest accessory in the room is a shiny European-style cruiser bicycle with a price tag of $599 or more.

Blame the explosion of bicycle culture in the mainstream of urban centres around the world, but I am personally going to blame traffic gridlock and Ontario's graduated licenses program (which didn't even put a dent into teenager driver accident fatalities) for making it so much more difficult for young people to get a driver's license.

Whatever the cause, the point is bicycles are now considered kewl and the must-have item for fashionistas who are increasingly environmentally friendly, love yoga, have experimented (and possibly failed) with veganism and seem to have forgotten their boots are made of leather, and so is the nice bicycle seat their sitting on.

Online cycling culture and style has been promoted heavily. There is thesartorialist.com which has a cycling chic section with photos from Milan and Paris, but the absolute favourite is copenhagencyclechic.com, which should be enough to make any red blooded Canadian man drool due to the veritable harem of attractive young women on bicycles on that website.

And when you're thinking fashion, don't think spandex. Yuck. Think jeans, skirts, short shorts and an array of clothing that compliments the female body instead of just clinging tightly to it. (I for one believe cyclists who wear spandex are morons with no fashion sense and wannabe racers.)

In Toronto cycling fashion has reached a point where I sometimes stop my bike and just watch the other cyclists go by just so I can admire the females and their bicycles whizzing by. I can appreciate looking at both.

If you're interested in cycling chic in Toronto you can also check thecommonelite.org, which illustrates you can pretty much wear whatever you want when cycling... and that spandex wearers are a bunch of socially inept rejects.

Footwear and choice of skirt matters little either. You will frequently see young women wearing miniskirts and platforms (or even barefoot) while cycling.

New Fashion Bloggers Wanted

So today we removed 2 fashion bloggers from our list of bloggers - because they haven't posted anything new in years.

Which means we have openings for new fashion bloggers! Yippee!

So what are we looking for in a fashion blogger??? Well lets answer that with some Q and A:

Do I have to be a female?

No! In fact, we would really like it if we had more male fashion bloggers who want to contribute. Very hard to find such men who take an active interest in fashion blogging.

How often do I need to contribute?

Well, not every day clearly. But at least two posts per year would be nice. Or more. You can contribute as much as you want.

Can I post links / advertising?

If it is on the topic of fashion, absolutely you can post links / advertising to fashion, jewelry and a variety of things that fits within Fashion Salon's mantra. Especially if you are posting to things made by Canadians.

Any rules?

Yes. All posts must be family friendly.


For fun you can also schedule posts that come out on specific dates. For example we already have an upcoming post about Spring fashion relating to bicycles that will come out on April 1st.

We don't recommend posting videos. The reason is because often the video later disappears, so it is better to post photographs because at least those stay. That doesn't mean you cannot post videos, simply be advised that sometimes YouTube removes a video and we don't find out later that the video doesn't exist any more.

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