New Fashion Bloggers Wanted

So today we removed 2 fashion bloggers from our list of bloggers - because they haven't posted anything new in years.

Which means we have openings for new fashion bloggers! Yippee!

So what are we looking for in a fashion blogger??? Well lets answer that with some Q and A:

Do I have to be a female?

No! In fact, we would really like it if we had more male fashion bloggers who want to contribute. Very hard to find such men who take an active interest in fashion blogging.

How often do I need to contribute?

Well, not every day clearly. But at least two posts per year would be nice. Or more. You can contribute as much as you want.

Can I post links / advertising?

If it is on the topic of fashion, absolutely you can post links / advertising to fashion, jewelry and a variety of things that fits within Fashion Salon's mantra. Especially if you are posting to things made by Canadians.

Any rules?

Yes. All posts must be family friendly.


For fun you can also schedule posts that come out on specific dates. For example we already have an upcoming post about Spring fashion relating to bicycles that will come out on April 1st.

We don't recommend posting videos. The reason is because often the video later disappears, so it is better to post photographs because at least those stay. That doesn't mean you cannot post videos, simply be advised that sometimes YouTube removes a video and we don't find out later that the video doesn't exist any more.

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