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As the editor of Fashion Salon I get 20+ press releases per day.

And I can tell you honestly I don't post a SINGLE one of them because quite frankly most of them are boring... and we're not getting paid to post such stuff anyway.

Instead I prefer to post on topics / themes I enjoy.

But that doesn't mean I won't accept advertising money if companies / designers want to advertise on the Fashion Salon.

I mean come'on, when you're getting 20 of these spammy press releases from fashion houses/designers every day its really annoying. Often I just mark them as spam. Other times I ask them if they want to advertise.

The typical response? No. (Translation - We're just spamming you because we're annoying and want free advertising.)

Well I gotta tell you a girl's gotta make a living and I don't do any advertising for free when companies approach me. If you want to advertise, fine. But you have to pay my rates:

We charge $30 Canadian for a regular link ad with up to 3 links. Additional links per ad cost $10 each.

$50 Canadian for a premium link ad or banner ad.

$70 Canadian for a premium banner ad.

$60 Canadian for a 500+ words custom article or blog post.

$90 Canadian for a 1000+ words custom article or blog post.

Payments can be sent via PayPal or Interac E-Transfer to lilithgallery at gmail dot com.

If you have any questions about advertising please contact our advertising coordinator via lilithgallery at gmail dot com.

Suzanne MacNevin
The Fashion Salon

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