Writing Submissions

So you want to write and submit an article to the Fashion Salon?

Okay, but we do have some rules.

#1. Your article must be original. Not plagiarized from another source.

#2. Include any links as References at the bottom of the article. The editor (Suzanne MacNevin) will decide whether to include the links in the article itself.

#3. If you are a SEO person looking to get links by submitting articles, we charge a rate of $30 for the article submission.

#4. If you are sending us Press Releases, it is the same deal. $30 if you want a link. Nothing is free and shoes are expensive baby.

#5. Email your proposed article to suzannemacnevin at gmail dot com.

#6. Include any images and/or links to YouTube videos with your email.

#7. If you want a link under your name to your personal writing website, that is okay, but the link will be rel="nofollow" unless you pay the $30 fee.

#8. All content must be Family Friendly. We cannot stress this enough.

#9. Cartoons and fashion oriented quotes are welcome.

#10. We don't mind if you send us controversial topics, in fact we welcome them. So talking about health issues within the fashion modeling industry is perfectly acceptable.

If you want to become a permanent writer of Fashion Salon you must submit three original articles before you will be considered for junior membership.

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